Products and Services


Our Wireless & Fibre Optic Broadband to Home (BTH) service ensures delivery of Broadband to customers without digging through premises.

Homes are getting richer with newer devices and wireless appliances that connect to the internet – High end phones, PCs, laptops, printers, digital photo frames, surveillance cameras, media centers etc. Our customers shall find convenience of using these devices wirelessly in their homes with our all home wireless solution. The all home wireless solution promises to simplify the complex task of networking of these devices without spoiling the interiors.

Customers can be rest assured of the wireless security, thanks to WPA2 and 802.1x security features of Logon Wireless Broadband service. We also offer a complimentary licensed anti-virus package with our service that protects data on customer PC from spyware, viruses and any malware.


Information Technology teams have a constant challenge of keeping their office IT systems in sync with the latest technology developments. 

Logon Enterprise Solutions recognizes the importance of Internet technologies and their applications in businesses. The Company has introduced a portfolio of services to make your office a hi-tech workplace with improved productivity while reducing costs. 


Choosing the appropriate resources is one of the key factors in the success of an emerging business. When it comes to internet connectivity, having the right partner helps you decrease expenditure and wastage, and more importantly, allows you to maximize productivity and grow at a faster rate.

This is where Logon comes in. We help you optimize your business, by giving you the right plans that are best suited to your needs.

Our Business Services

Direct to Office Leased Line

For near 100% Internet uptime with link load balancing and failover routing.

Secured Office Wi-Fi

Allows employees to work from anywhere in the office using devices such as tablets, notebooks, smartphones.

High Definition (HD) Cloud Video Conferencing Service

Enjoy HD Video Conferencing with collaboration features.

Differential Access

For customized bandwidth per user group.

Secured Boardroom Internet

For easy and secure guest Internet access.