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We provides a fully customizable platform that delivers OTT solutions for live events, conferences, meetings, festivals, TV channels, games, sports events, and more. Get the highly reliable OTT and speed you pay for – no matter how many other users are on the network.

Modern designs, powerful features, and the freedom to customize. An all-in-one platform offering all the features you need to watch your OTT.

OTT service together with Logon Broadband

We have a team of well trained and qualified engineers to provide services and solutions of the highest quality and deliver more value to our customers that earns their respect and loyalty.

We have continued to make life better by solving real problems - enabling progress for a whole generation of Indians and people around the world. We have continued to solve real problems by asking not, “why” but “why not” and thinking differently about things. We have always been the travelers of the road not taken, and we have done it with courage and conviction that solving real problems has real lasting impact on people’s life and helps us fulfill our purpose.

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